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Hans Ulrich Obrist

      Hans Ulrich Obrist talks about curating and how he expands it to include architecture, poets, novelists,  maps and gardens utilising the idea of the expanded exhibition. Ulrich Obrist references Diaghileff, the producer of the famous Ballet Russe, who wanted to bring all… Read More

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We asked Lee to write a statement/paragraph about his upcoming show this Friday night. Genius xx A Short Statement / Memory For The Exhibition Objects From Places We’ve Never Been Before: When I was very young, probably about 7 years of age, I was walking… Read More

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On the idea of interpretation and searching to understand our environment through actively making, (see Hayley French’s contribution through the previous post), I thought it appropriate timing to contribute the work of Danish artist Eva Koch through her video APPROACH. Eva investigates the theme of interpretation… Read More