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Lee Walton – Objects From Places We’ve Never Been Before

Lee Walton Poster

Lee Walton is a social practitioner from the US presenting an exhibition named OBJECTS FROM PLACES WE’VE NEVER BEEN. The exhibition is participatory with each participant nominating a site/place/destination (to be a place, shop, etc) to be visited. They will need to find an object from this place and bring it with them to the gallery on the opening night. The object will be placed on a shelf sized roughly 12cm x 12cm. There are no formal size restrictions. however the glitch is, they must make a promise to never return to this place again. Ever. We’re Super excited!

Lee catalogue

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Lukas Richarz – Ritual

Last night Lukas Richarz’s show ‘Ritual’ opened. It was a fabulous show. The work dealt with the physical act of the ritual, and the idea of ‘ritual’; exploring various outcomes, or individual artworks, which combined, exist as an overall idea. Richarz explains that the artist’s idea, which may initially… Read More