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Jason Sweeny, Stereopublic

  I have been researching Australian participatory artists and one of my favourites is Jason Sweeny, I’m taken with a project of his called ‘Stereopublic’. The project exists as an app, and is described as ‘crowdsourcing the quiet’. If you have the app, you can… Read More

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We continue to hold the installation of our current artist, Pascal Dombis, who visited from Paris early this month. On viewing his work in the RAYGUN space it is prompting to share his previous works, with one in particular that he shared through describing in… Read More

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Hans Ulrich Obrist

      Hans Ulrich Obrist talks about curating and how he expands it to include architecture, poets, novelists,  maps and gardens utilising the idea of the expanded exhibition. Ulrich Obrist references Diaghileff, the producer of the famous Ballet Russe, who wanted to bring all… Read More