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TRANS Group Show

A Group Show curated by Stephen Spurrier and Kyle Jenkins exploring the intersections between abstraction and representation including artists Victoria Munro, Arvid Boecker, Brent Hallard, Karri McPherson, Katie Wagner, Tiffany Shafran, Tarn McLean, Kyle Jenkins, Stephen Spurrier, Chasley Wilson, Brodie Taylor, Ursula De Kretser, Ute Braatz, Cahterine Parker.



RAYGUN projects, July 2017

Within a world of shifting consequences where an image, a moment, an experience, a concept is both held within its juncture of inception but consequently consumed by the layering of collapsed multi- communal, national and global positioning, the artists invited to participate in this exhibition are positioned within a theoretical and aesthetic engagement with TRANS. TRANS in this exhibition is both a theoretical and visual descriptor that both governs the artist’s work e.g. the materiality of paint as ‘transparent’, a narrative that visually ‘transpires’ through a compositional discourse, an artwork being made transforming from material into object , deconstructed and then ‘transferred’ into something else, moving from one medium to another within a practice that is constantly transitive in visual outcomes but rigorous and permanent in conceptual intention etc. Collectively, individually and through a shared connectivity the artists in the exhibition deal with various ideas of TRANS: and how a work is both set within a moment of permanence, born out of the studio, released into the world and fixed within that visual moment of being. However like the word ‘trans’ and the many variations that come from its linguistic beginnings, these artists through their work look to leap off from similar traditional beginnings (origins) of painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing and to move beyond, traversing their own creative histories as they intuitively look to produce something new in their artistic outputs.

Nothing is ever made up of one thing, but instead a multitude of transformative fragments that come together, collapse into a moment of artistic production and then break apart to be conceptually reassigned new meaning when the next work comes along to be created. In many ways the exciting part of making a work of art is that as the work is conceived, developed, built and constructed, in this studio moment, it is a success. However once the work is finished, what transpires is the fact the work is a conceptual success and a visual failure all at once. It may align itself with its intentions but it can’t say everything about an artist ‘as evolving thinker’ visually. That’s why artists make another artwork, and another, and another so forth. It’s the same reason why museum curatorial practices collect multiple works from the same artist attempting to bridge the life of their career collapsing space into a transitive experience within the one or two spaces within the museum housing the retrospective collection.

Artists don’t think within the singular and to many there is no finality because they keep searching for an answer to a problem that can never be found, because they themselves ‘as an artist’ is the problem. For every artwork made there is another one to begin that may get them closer to an answer or a point of closure. But is there really any answer? Any closure? It is precisely at this point that this exhibition brings together this group of artists to offer, within the singular exhibition space of Raygun projects, their personalised intentions in terms of their own practices. Some may be linked through exhibiting previously, undertaking collaborations, however on the whole the exhibition is a survey of artists whose practices engage in TRANS, if not knowingly then through the history of the works they have produced and intuitive decisions they have made within their individual practices.



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‘In The Flat Field’ Jeffrey Cortland Jones

This is a wonderful show by Jeffrey Cortland Jones. The work is incredible. See below for more information.

apprehending then releasing
the resistance of a color then surrendering to it a hard edge as it softens

the slight peeking that come from covering and layering that space between the wall and object
when shallow and deep appear the same
what its like to look through the fog

when a mostly matte surface shifts to a little tinge of gloss that hangs out at the edge that place between misplacing and finding
how white can be both warm and cool at the same time
when you find that correcting is making it worse

the moment when a stable stack is on the verge of collapse when contemplation breaks down and you go for it

  1. What ideas are you examining though your exhibition at Raygun?

The work at Raygun is a continuation of ongoing research…but smaller in scale.  This exhibition has given me the freedom to be looser and make work not so precious.

  1. What are the ideas that surround your work/your practice?

I really interested in building up and taking back down.  Layering and covering past decisions.  I am interested in the shifting subtlety of color.

  1. What are your influences/other interests?

My work has varied and vast influences.  Visually; Fergus Feehily, Ian Kiaer, Andrew Bick, Gordon Moore, Ron Buffing ton, the quilts of Gee’s Bend, and Denyse Schmidt to start. Sonically; the Smiths, the XX, the Cure, the Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, Soft Kill, Skeleton Hands, the Dead Kennedys, Silverstein, Thursday.  Other influences are without pause; the way skateboarding affects its physical environment.  It’s the way hard concrete ledge softens after it has been skated.  Or the painted marks left on a handrail from a skateboard sliding down it. Or the grimy marks drawn on the wall from a wall ride. Graffiti/tagging is also a major component to my practice.  Not the act of making but rather the battle that takes place between artists and the officials.  I get excited to see how tags get buffed out and painted over…and how the color used to cover is never correct.



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We’re super happy to be participating in the project ‘An Act of Showing’ in Melbourne, which is a material conversation about artist-runs and ‘place’. A number of artists run spaces have been asked to contribute a work that best represents their project space. Each work is exhibited together as a way to delve deeper into the conversation about the ARI, past funding models, histories and collective visions, towards provoking conversations about and between ARI’s which will focus on ‘place’ and ‘situatedness’.

If you’re in Melbourne later this month, swing by and check it out, as well as RAYGUN’s contribution and extended project Sharing Loving Giving. xx


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FICTION (With Only Daylight Between Us) v2 with 200 artists from 16 Countries

Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us) . v2

A social experiment featuring 200 artists from 16 countries, curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones.

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Dave Ackels . OhioLuke Ahern . Ohio

Steven Alexander . Pennsylvania

Matthew Allen . Netherlands

Ky Anderson . New York

Rosaire Appel . New York

Hernan Ardila . Spain

Nicholaus Arnold . Ohio

Chris Ashley . California

Jimmy Baker . Ohio

Steven Baris . Pennsylvania

Andi Baumgartner . Ohio

Paul Behnke . New York

Russell Beighton . China

Michael Bennett . Germany

Michelle Benoit . Rhode Island

Emily Berger . New York

Joshua Bienko . Tennessee

Arvid Boecker . Germany

Christine Boiry . France

Tom Bolles . California

Dustyn Bork . Arkansas

Mark Bradley-Shoup . Tennessee

Darden Bradshaw . Ohio

Ian Breidenbach . Ohio

Michael Brennan . New York

Valerie Brennan . Cyprus

Mary Bucci McCoy . Massachusetts

Timothy Buckwalter . California

Ron Buffington . Tennessee

Phillip Buntin . Ohio

Colin Canary . Canada

Marc Cheetham . New Jersey

Todd Chilton . Illinois

Mary F. Coats . California

Lucinda Cobley . Texas

Bethanie Collins . Missouri

James Collins . Michigan

Jeffrey Collins . Ohio

Vincent Como . New York

Michael Conlan . Ohio

Alex Couwenberg . California

Deb Covell . England

Colby Currie . Texas

Brian Cypher . Washington

Rob de Oude . New York

Carly Dahl . Arkansas

Douglas Degges . Tennessee

Mairead Delaney / Rae Goodwin . Illinois / Kentucky

Daniel DeLuna . New York

Peter Demos . New York

Ludovic Dervillez . France

Susan Dory . Washington

Laura Duerwald . Pennsylvania

Tom Duimstra . Michigan

Brian Edmonds . Alabama

Greg Fadell . Michigan

Richard Feaster . Tennessee

Gabriele Fedele . Italy

Maxwell Feldmann . Ohio

Juan Fernandez . Illinois

Matthew Feyld . Canada

Stuart Fineman . Pennsylvania

Russell Floersch . New York

Benjamin Gardner . Iowa

Matthew Neil Gehring . New York

Arjen Geurts . Netherlands

Timothy Gierschick II . Pennsylvania

Alan Greenberg . Pennsylvania

Billy Gruner . Australia

Feng Guo . New York

Sharon Hall . England

Evan Halter . New Jersey

Hollis Hammonds . Texas

Hanz Hancock . England

Darren Haper . Ohio

Jodi Hays . Tennessee

Jeanne Heifetz . New York

Rachel Hellmann . Indiana

  1. Nigh Herndon . Oklahoma

Howard Hersh . California

Gabriele Herzog . England

Justine Hill . New York

Ruth Hiller . Colorado

Courtney Hoelscher . Michigan

Daniel Hollier . Australia

Harold Hollingsworth . Washington

Jan Holthoff . Germany

Claire Robertson Houghton . Ohio

Gilbert Hsiao . New York

Gina Hunt . Illinois

David Hytone . Washington

Julian Jackson . New York

Dorothee Joachim . Germany

Celia Johnson . North Carolina

Ron Johnson . Virginia

Ashley Jonas . Ohio

Heather Jones . Ohio

Jeffrey Cortland Jones . Ohio

Julie Jones . Ohio

Suzanne Laura Kammin . New Jersey

Jason Karolak . New York

Jeff Kellar . Maine

Eric Keller . Tennessee

Laura Sue King . New York

Rick Klauber . New York

René Korten . Netherlands

Alicia LaChance . Missouri

Jason Lahr . Indiana

Rudy Lanjouw . Netherlands

Matthew Langley . New York

Emma Langridge . Australia

Bonny Leibowitz . Texas

Daniel Levine . New York

Geno Luketic . Ohio

Hannah Luxton . England

Matthew Macaulay . England

Christopher Manning . New York

Pedro Matos . Portugal

Joanne Mattera . New York

Jeff Maurer . Ohio

Tim McFarlane . Pennsylvania

Rob Meehan . Ireland

Dennis Meier . Germany

Derek Meier . Minnesota

Phillip J. Mellen . Massachusetts

David T. Miller . Pennsylvania

Lucy Mink-Covello . New Hampshire

Marc Mitchell . Arkansas

Matt Morris . Illinois

Alexandra Morrissette . Pennsylvania

Patrick Morrissey . England

James Austin Murray . New York

Melissa Newman . Tennessee

Brooke Nixon . Maine

Sean Oswald . Ohio

Alex Paik . New York

Daniel Pfalzgraf . Kentucky

Charley Peters . England

Gary Petersen . New York

Kyle and Kelly Phelps . Ohio

Marion Piper . England

Sue Post . Massachusetts

William Potter . Indiana

Debra Ramsay . New York

Sue Ravitz . New York

Peter Reginato . New York

Emil Robinson . Ohio

Jason Rohlf . New York

Kimberly Rowe . California

Christopher Rico . South Carolina

Eric Ruschman . Illinois

Anne Russinof . New York

Nick Satinover . Tennessee

John Sabraw . Ohio

Amy Sacksteder . Michigan

Joe Saunders . Tennessee

Karen Schifano . New York

Manuel Schmettau . New York

Pete Schulte . Alabama

Tim Schwartz . Pennsylvania

Diane Scott . Australia

Zach Searcy . Tennessee

Peter Shear . Indiana

Robert Sherrill . New York

Gabriel J. Shuldiner . New York

Suzan Shutan . Connecticut

Bobby Sinclair . Scotland

Dana Smith . Missouri

Ty Smith . Alabama

Jessica Snow . California

John Sousa . Ohio

Benjamin Lee Sperry . New York

Jered Sprecher . Tennessee

Clary Stolte . Netherlands

Lars Strandh . Norway

Krista Svalbonas . Illinois

Nick Szymanski . Michigan

John Tallman . Tennessee

Struan Teague . Denmark

Aimee Terburg . Netherlands

Julie Torres . New York

Richard van der Aa . France

Jasper van der Graaf . Netherlands

Cecilia Vissers . Netherlands

Christina Renfer Vogel . Tennessee

Don Voisine . New York

Seth Wade . Ohio

Mark Wethli . Maine

Joel Whitaker . Ohio

Jason Willaford . Texas

David Willburn . Texas

Michael Wille . Illinois

Paige Williams . Ohio

Werner Windisch . Germany

Douglas Witmer . Pennsylvania

Stephen Wright . Kentucky

Eric Yevak . New York

Patricia Zarate . New York

Mark Zimmermann . New York

Tamar Zinn . New York