‘End of the Beginning’ is the title of our upcoming project held at the University of Southern Queensland.  Co- curated by Billy Gruner and Tarn McLean, End of the Beginning is a group show by 41 contributing reductive painters from Australia, Europe and the United States.

We are super excited to be a part of this project, for it’s historical, theoretical and aesthetic premise. Hear Billy and Tarn in discussion for information and ideas surrounding the projects premise.

End of the Beginning

Contributing artists include; Locust Jones Au, David Serisier Au, Ulla Pedersen Dk, Louise Blyton Au, Margaret Roberts Au, Will Cooke Au, Aaron Martin AU, Stuart Fineman Usa, Gyles Ryder Au/Thailand, Kyle Jenkins AU, Andrew Christofedes Au, Joe Wilson Au, Linda Arts Nd, Robbie Fraser NZ, Billy Gruner Au, Sebastian Wickeroth De, Emma Langridge Au, Jose Heerkens Nd, Christine Dean  Au, Gary Andrew Clarke Uk, Tarn McLean AU, Mikala Dwyer Au, Sarah Keighery Au, Wahida Azhari De, Mace McGregor AU, Jeffrey Cortland Jones US, Suzan Shutan Usa, Mathew Allen Au/ Nd, Masato Takasaka AU, David Schell CAN, Badri Gubrianari Ukr, Andrew Huston USA/ Italy, Ivo Ringe De, Guido Winkler Nd, Karrie McPherson AU, Therese Poulton UK, Tiberily Szilvashi Ukr, Vicky Brown AU, Veronica Herber NZ, Helen Dombrovska Ukr, Roland Orepuk Fr, Deb Covell UK.


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The opening night was spent with our beautiful supporters who’ve been with us from the beginning. Showing works contributed by the artists who have worked with us over the past 7 years has made for such a rich show. Thank you to you all for working with us over the years here in Toowoomba, and we still hold the dream of having you all come together in person in the future. (it’s good to dream!) The works will remain in their custom made to measure boxed archive as a part of the RAYGUN permanent collection. RETROACTIVE will be on display until December 23rd. Happy Christmas raygunners and we look forward to sharing our next 7 years with you.  xx

Justin Andrews, Pascal Dombis, Suada Ada Demirovic, Billy Gruner, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Eva Koch, Richard Van Der Aa, Stephen Spurrier, Gilbert Hsiao, Fiona Cockfield, Yara Flores, The Ghosts of Nothing, Audra Wolowiec, Sarah Ryan, Tiffany Shafran, Tilman, Michael Boelt Fischer, EIDIA, Devon McKnight, Lynne Harlow, Jason Sweeney, Sue Lostroh, Sarah Martin, Peter Holm, Kyle Jenkins, Sarah Martin, Lukas Richarz, Jude Taggart Roberts, Sandy Pottinger, Stephan Moore, Brent Hallard, Sal Randolph, Hayley Megan French and Carla Liesch, Brad Buckley, Vicente Butron, Uffe Isolott, Sam Peck, The Twilight Girls, David Usher, Tarn McLean, Thorgej Steen Hansen, Stephen Little, The Order of The Third Bird.

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Werner Windisch Opening Night

Friday night at RAYGUN was the opening of Werner’s show. A collection of monochrome paintings made on found cardboard packing boxes, the works hang from walls like a series of transparent colour fields. The interplay between the discarded object and finely worked painting reiterates the form of the image carrier and the relationship of the works to the space and the viewer. Over the course of the month we will reveal a conversation between Werner and a visitor to the works about how the paintings came to be, and how through their luminous layering are able to seduce the viewer. We’re super excited to share this dialogue with you.

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