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Vinson Valega

We met Vinson Valega (fondly known as Vins) through Sharon Louden during her book launch/trip to Toowoomba. We are feeling the need to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing human and musician. We are thrilled and are feeling need to share. I have included links… Read More

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Gina Fairley and Sharon Louden

We are super looking forward to meeting Gina Fairley from Arts Hub when she visits RAYGUN later in April with Sharon Louden and Hrag Vartanian for the book launch The Artist As Culture Producer – Living and Sustaining a Creative Life. Tickets are free so click… Read More

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Merce Cunningham

Our next Artist at RAYGUN Stephan Moore, worked with Merce Cunningham for many years, which got me thinking about Cunningham, I thought I’d share a few small clips, I have taken the info below from the Merce Cunningham Trust Website which has some of his writings, they… Read More